Prof. Bernard Hebb

-Born in the U.S.A.
-Guitar studies under Francis La Pierre, U.S.A. Completed general studies with an emphasis in music at Keene High School; Director of Music, Robert M.Cook.
-Student of Prof. Karl Scheit at the State Academy of Music in Vienna, Austria. Assistant to Prof. Karl Scheit.
-Completed his studies in Vienna and recieved a diploma in guitar (Master´s Degree) with honors.
-Instructor of guitar at the Hamburger and later the Bremen Conservatory of Music.
-Publisher of a series of music for guitar by Trekel Pub. Co., Germany
-Gold Medal of Honor from the "Federation of the Worker´s Music Association of Austria" (VAMÖ) for workdone in the area of teaching and performing folk musik.
-Jury member at international festivals.
-Founding member and Artistic Director of the "Zevener Guitar Festival" in Germany.
-Professor of guitar at the Hochschule für Künste (State College of Music) Bremen, Germany.


Tilman Purrucker

-studied in Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen
-solo concerts and chambermusic in various combimations e.g. with piano, flute, voice and orchestra
-since 1977 concerts with the duo „Die zwei Gitarren“ in Germany, Scandinavia, Italy and France, invitations from the german „Goethe Institut”
-1980 founder of the „Zevener Guitar Festival“, providing since then annual concerts of famous guitarists from all over the world, accompanied by highclassed guitar- workshops
-record and CD- productions
-radio and television appearances
-own compositions, combining elements of jazz, latin and classical music
-organising a music- school in Rotenburg\ Wümme, Germany


Jule Malischke
Guest Instructor 2019

„The moment Jule Malischke walks out on stage, audiences are immediately captivated by her genuine and vibrant charisma and they will follow her down any road she leads them with her warm and beautiful voice and exceptional guitar playing.

She presents her mostly self-penned songs passionately and poetically. Songs telling us stories about personal encounters, great joy, aspirations and disappointments, reflecting the life of a young woman, with all its yearnings, hopes and dreams. When she occasionally presents a cover song, that song will sound completely fresh and new. She will pluck, tug and wrench her instrument in such ways, that she paints a refreshing and almost original picture.

She's a fine instrumentalist, mastering her guitar with conviction and authority and skillfully creates a bridge between the different  guitar repertoire-styles and contemporary modern fingerstyle arrangements.

After her successful classical guitar studies at the "Leopold Mozart Center" in Augsburg, Jule graduated for her Acoustic Guitar Master's degree (jazz/rock/pop) "Worldmusic" at the "Carl Maria von Weber" Music Academy (with prof. Thomas Fellow, prof. Stephan Bormann and Reentko Dirks) in Dresden, Germany. In 2018 she graduated the highest level in music (Master class) and also teaches guitar in the department for school music.

While working as a singer-guitarist-songwriter for a significant number of years on many different stages, Jule also supported artists like Uriah Heep, Barclay James Harvest and Christina Stuermer and had numerous appearances on TV and Radio.

In 2013 the team Jule Malischke & Stephan Bormann got started and became firmly established with the autumn release of her debut album "WHATEVER MAY HAPPEN" in 2014.

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Photo: Christian Debus

Ulf Kröger

- Born in Hamburg-Altona, Germany
- Studied Musicology, History of Art and Folklore in Hamburg at the University of Hamburg. Wiesbaden and Frankfurt
- Pedagogical Guitar Studies at the Wiesbaden Conservatory of Music and a resumption of his studies he started in Hamburg at the University of Frankfurt/Main
- Studies (Soloists Diploma) at State College of Music in Bremen, Germany
- Conductor of guitar orchestra at the "Zevener Guitar Festival"
- Personalmanagement Supervisor of Expo 2000 in Hannover
- Director of the State Music School Frankfurt / Oder


Tim Schikoré

- Tim Schikoré was born in Osterholz-Scharmbeck (Germany) in 1968 and has played guitar since he was 9 years old. By the time he was 17 years of age, he was performing his own compositions as a master class participant at the Zevener Guitar Festival. Since then, he has given many guitar recitals as soloist and in chamber music ensembles, mostly of spanish guitar music.
- From 1987 - 1993 he studied guitar at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen (State College of Music), his teacher being Prof. Bernard Hebb.
- During his studies, he took part in the master classes of internationaly known personalities like: Pepe Romero (Spain/U.S.A.), Manuel Barrueco (Cuba/U.S.A.), Roberto Aussel (Argentina/France) and David Russell (Schottland).
- After he finshed his studies, Tim Schikoré dedicated himself more and more to his own music, which is a fusion between Flamenco, Latino and Jazz and has taken part in radio programs and productions.
- In 1997 Schikoré opened his own guitar school: „GUITARRERO“, which is located in Bremen, Germany and in the same year, he founded the group „Don Mendo“.
- Since 2001, he has worked together with the well known flamenco dancer Ana Sojor, the Venezuelan flutist Efraín Oscher and with the German actor Otto Sander.