Concerts 2019

Rathaus Zeven, "BürgerService", Am Markt 4, 27404 Zeven, Tel.: 04281/716-261

All events take place in the Zeven Townhall.

Friday June 07th, 2019 at 8 PM
Jule Malischke - Guitar
Karlijn Langendijk - Guitar
Julia Lange – Guitar

Admision fees:
Adults € 13
Pupils and Students € 10

Ladypower on acoustic guitar - well-known classics and own compositions with solo guitar, duo & trio

The three young ladies Julia Lange, Karlijn Langendijk and Jule Malischke are versatile guitarists who have an own, unique way of expressing themselves through music. Each of them in her own way. These girls know how to use their knowledge of different musical styles and influences to create something new, something personal.
They got to know eachother while studying "Acoustic guitar - Worldmusic/Jazz/Pop"at the Musikhochschule Carl-Maria-von-Weber in Dresden. Meanwhile all of them are actively giving concerts around the globe.

The opening concert of the 39th Zevener Gitarrenwoche will not only include own compositions and songs with voice but also creative guitar arrangements of Jazz, Pop and Worldmusic.
Julia, Karlijn and Jule will present the wide stylistic range of modern acoustic guitar on nylon as well as on steelstrings.
Enjoy an inspiring approach to modern guitar music at its best.

Jule Malischke

Photo: Christian Debus

The moment Jule Malischke walks out on stage, audiences are immediately captivated by her genuine and vibrant charisma and they will follow her down any road she leads them with her warm and beautiful voice and exceptional guitar playing.

She presents her mostly self-penned songs passionately and poetically. Songs telling us stories about personal encounters, great joy, aspirations and disappointments, reflecting the life of a young woman, with all its yearnings, hopes and dreams. When she occasionally presents a cover song, that song will sound completely fresh and new. She will pluck, tug and wrench her instrument in such ways, that she paints a refreshing and almost original picture.

She's a fine instrumentalist, mastering her guitar with conviction and authority and skillfully creates a bridge between the different  guitar repertoire-styles and contemporary modern fingerstyle arrangements.

After her successful classical guitar studies at the "Leopold Mozart Center" in Augsburg, Jule graduated for her Acoustic Guitar Master's degree (jazz/rock/pop) "Worldmusic" at the "Carl Maria von Weber" Music Academy (with prof. Thomas Fellow, prof. Stephan Bormann and Reentko Dirks) in Dresden, Germany. In 2018 she graduated the highest level in music (Master class) and also teaches guitar in the department for school music.

While working as a singer-guitarist-songwriter for a significant number of years on many different stages, Jule also supported artists like Uriah Heep, Barclay James Harvest and Christina Stuermer and had numerous appearances on TV and Radio.

In 2013 the team Jule Malischke & Stephan Bormann got started and became firmly established with the autumn release of her debut album "WHATEVER MAY HAPPEN" in 2014.

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Karlijn Langendijk

Photo: „Photos by Peach“

EP: „Luna“ (2017)
Karlijn Langendijk was born in 1995 and grew up in Uitgeest, The Netherlands.
Surrounded by acoustic guitar music since birth, she started playing the guitar at the age of 13 inspired by her father. She writes her own music, fascinated by fingerstyle guitar and classical and modern concert music. She played on stage with guitarists like Tommy Emmanuel and Peter Finger and toured in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and China.
Together with acoustic guitarist Tim Urbanus, she released her debut duo album “Leap of Faith” in 2015 at the renowned label “Acoustic Music Records”. In November 2015 she won the first prize and the audience prize at the “SAI Acoustic Guitar Competition” in the Czech Republic.
In 2017 Karlijn graduated from the Conservatory in Utrecht (NL) and started with her master studies in “Acoustic Guitar” at the Hochschule für Musik in Dresden (DE), where she receives lessons from well-respected musicians like Thomas Fellow, Reentko Dirks and Stephan Bormann.
Her solo EP “Luna” was released in July 2017 and is an engaging and diverse mix from her solo repertoire that she is playing on tour regularly.


Julia Lange

Photo: Dita Vollmond, „Julia-Lange-live-Foto-Musikmesse-2017-Vollmond Konzertfotografie“

Julia Lange is a 20 years old german crossover guitarist. She started playing at the age of 8 when she saw her older brother playing. In the following years she took classical guitar lessons with Elisabeth Becker, Fritz Ludwig and at last from 2011 to 2015 with Stephan Werner at the Dr. Hoch’s Conservatory in Frankfurt.

Julia participated successfully at many national and international competitions. She achieved for example 3 times the 1st price at the german youth competition “Jugend musiziert“, the 1st price at the “Roland-Zimmer-Wettbewerb“ (Germany) and the D’Addario Award at the international Rago competition.

At the age of 15 she played her first solo concert, one year later she took part in a concert tour through Chile with the Youth-Guitar-Orchestra of Baden-Württemberg and was invited to play for important german politicians like Volker Bouffier and Wolfgang Schäuble in Berlin. Because of her succesful YouTube Channel Julia’s prominence around the world is growing and growing. She was invited to play concerts in Poland, France and Spain. Her last trip even took her to Hongkong. Another highlight of Julia's career was the invitation by the highly respected label "Deutsche Grammophon" to accompany soprano Nadine Sierra at some of her performances in Berlin.

Julia performed already in several TV productions, for example the German/French TV Show „Stars von morgen“ (Channel: ARTE) where she played classical as well as Fingerstyle guitar and even accompanied the presenter oft the show: the famous tenor Rolando Villazón. Moreover she got invited to present her playing and give interviews on Main.TV, MDR, and while she was in Hongkong on RTHK for the well-known show "The Works". Another German TV-Channel called "SAT.1" is going to publish a portrait of the young artist at the end of 2018.

After years of playing mostly classical guitar Julia became more and more a crossover guitarist. She taught herself how to arrange songs and established a loyal following on social media platforms. Even great guitar masters like Jon Gomm appreciate her playing: “It‘s great Julia! Well played, mate. Stunning technique." The mixture of different styles and influences makes her arrangements so unique. In September 2017 she started studying acoustic guitar at the „Hochschule für Musik Carl-Maria-von-Weber“ in Dresden and even got the sponsorship „Deutschlandstipendium“.

Instagram: @julia.lange.guitar

Saturday June 08th, 2019 at 8 PM
Part 1:
Heiko Ossig – Guitar
Dirk Ossig - Narrator

Part 2:
Julian Scarcella – Guitar und Loopinggerät

Admision fees:
Adults € 10
Pupils and Students € 8

Heiko Ossig

Photo: © Stephan Röhl
Dirk Ossig

Photo: © Johanna Link


Julian Scarcella

Photo: Giovanni Scarcella

Julian Scarcella is a German guitar player and he produced for a long time product-videos for companys such as Engl Amps, Ortgea Guitars, D‘addario Strings, ACPAD and many more. Because of this work he get in contact with social media and start blogging on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. He has lots of experience with Loop Stations and give lots of workshops. You can see him often at Franfurter Musikmesse or German festivals.
He worked with a lot of international famous guitarists like Victor Smolski (Rage/Almanac), Marco Wriedt (21 Octayne), John Stowell, Kenny Serane (Jamtrackcentral), Alen Brentini (Andreas Gablier), Ben Granfelt, Niklas Turmann (Uli Jon Roth/Crystal Breed), Stefano Sebbo Xotta.
He had won a couple of competition national and international like Jugend Musiziert, Wespe, Stipendium Note um Note, Shure Play For L.A., Jam Mr. Scary, Andy James Solocontest, Song gegen Rechts, Ibanez Jazz Jam, Ibanez Flying Fingers, Lee Ritenour Six String Theory Competition and more.
Today he is studying Jazz Music at university of music in Hanover.

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Sunday June 09th, 2019 at 8 PM
Mikkel Lynggaard – Solo Guitar Classic

Admision fees:
Adults € 10
Pupils and Students € 8

Photo: Klavs Kehlet Hansen

Award winning guitarist Mikkel Lynggaard (born 1990 in Denmark) is one of the most talented Danish guitarists of his generation. He has performed all over Europe – both as a soloist, with different ensembles and orchestras.

Recently graduated with top marks from the Advanced Post Graduate Program, Lynggaard has spent the last 8 years studying under the tutelage of the acclaimed Danish guitarist Professor Frederik Munk Larsen at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, as well as with professor Antonio Duro at the Concervatorio Superiór de Musica Manuel Castillo in Seville, Spain. I addition, Lynggaard has attended masterclasses with a long line of the most distinguished classic guitarists of our time.

The jury characterized his debut concert in the following way: „Mikkel Lynggaard makes his debut with a very diverse program, showing many different sides of the guitar with music ranging from the renaissance to contemporary music […]. His own transcription of Bach’s BWV 995 was very convincing in all regards. In the more quiet and melancholic parts of the concert, Lynggaard showed a great ability to create poetic presence. He possesses an effortless technique that allowed for the virtuosic passages to completely blend into the musical context of the pieces.”

Monday June 10th, 2019 at 4 PM
Final Recital: Student Recital

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