Aufgrund der anhaltenden Coronavirus-Pandemie muss leider auch die diesjährige Zevener Gitarrenwoche vom 21. bis 24. Mai abgesagt werden. Die Stadt Zeven möchte die 40jährige Jubiläumsveranstaltung jedoch im nächsten Jahr über Pfingsten vom 03. bis 06. Juni 2022 nachholen. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis!

Stadt Zeven
Nebenstelle Klostergang 3
27404 Zeven

Tel.: ++49-(0)4281/999-805

Zeven is a town (ca 12.000 residents) that has a diversified landscape made up of meadows, forests and swamps. It lies in the northern part of Germany between the cities of Hamburg and Bremen and is easy to reach either by car or by train. The Zevener Guitar Festival offers beginners, intermediate and advanced players the opportunity, to dedicate themselves to the guitar. Single and masterclass types of teaching are offered daily in classic and electric guitar, and covers all styles of music. Along with guest instructors, a team of professional teachers help each subscriber to fulfil his or her wishes.

In the afternoon, each player has the opportunity to take part in the guitar orchestra. Most guitarist never, or very seldom, have the possibility to perform as a member of an orchestra. This gives each participant the chance to receive valuable ensemble experience under the baton of a conductor. All of the activities take place in Zeven´s beautiful town-hall. During the festival days, the town-hall lobby is turned into an exibition hall where guitar makers present their newest instruments and "Haus der Musik Trekel" exibits and sells CD´s, sheet music and accessoires pertaining to the guitar. The Zevener Guitar Festival is presented yearly, begining 7 weeks after Easter (Whitsuntide) and is held either in the month of May or June.